Update Archive



  • Updated Offline.
  • I finally put together my reports for the conventions I have attended so far.
  • Updated About.
  • Tidied up the Update Archive.
  • Removed links. Migrated some over to homepage.


  • Purged a lot of older illustrations (a lot of them are mirrored elsewhere…), and there’s probably more to come.
  • Removed some older links.



  • Hid a bunch of old blog posts.
  • Changed website layout.


  • Finally published Touhou Con 2015 Artist Alley Report.
  • Updated text in [About], [Contact], [Offline], and [Links].
  • Added a new upcoming event in [Offline].
  • Removed interest bookmarks in [Links].



  • Changed website colors again. The green wasn’t working very well for me.
  • I finished my Anime California 2015 Artist Alley Report.
  • Updated all galleries. It’s pretty much up-to-date now!
  • Added a “Odin Sphere” section to Gallery > Fanart.
  • I may continue doing a behind-the-scenes removal of older artworks (about 2011 and older unless they are notable) that are already mirrored in Hortensia Moon.


  • Added ARM circle to the sidebar.
  • Added new link to [Links] page.
  • Removed my lyrics WordPress, Etoilemarks, from the main sidebar. The link can still be found in my [About] page


  • Added Ninja-con and Anime Expo 2015 reports! AX2015 is especially long, and I still think I’m missing details!
  • Updated and tidied [Offline Events].


  • New background tile again, haha.
  • Updated [offline] with AX table location.


  • Finally updated all of the galleries! They are now up-to-date.
  • Changed website background to a recolored tile image.
  • Next time, I shall focus on updating [Hortensia Moon] with older artwork.
  • I might consider writing a blog entry on my introductory experience on a unfamiliar medium.


  • I forgot to post a formal update notice a few days ago, but there were few things I updated. Unfortunately, I have not added new artwork yet. I will do so soon!
  • Removed several links from [About].
  • Added a link to [Hortensia Moon], my art archive website, to [About] and [Gallery].
  • Finally reorganized [Gallery] and restored the default buttons. I got rid of the accordion format because it is not terribly appealing, and [Gallery] no longer has more than one gallery per category.
  • Updated [Offline] with updated information. So far, 3/4 events are through [Pastel Crown]!
  • Removed some links from [Links]. Dead ones, and loss of interest for some links.
  • On the backend, I removed a slew of older blog icons. They are primarily icons based on older artwork and a ton of Umineko ones. I actually made an insane amount of Umineko icons, but I used a few types, and sparingly at that.
  • For a few days, I tested out a simple recolored tile background. I reverted back to the forest one because the updated tile background wasn’t particularly interesting or appealing.


  • Finally removed a number of older artworks from this site.
  • Removed several links from [Links].
  • I have established a art archive for a number of my older artworks called [Hortensia Moon]. I will properly link it in the near future.


  • Rewrote [Gallery] descriptions. They were terribly written so I was compelled to simplify it.
    • Next time, I’ll try to get the galleries up-to-date. However, this will likely be the start of my organization attempts, which includes the omission of older artworks. Many could still be viewed at my deviantART account, and I still intend to launch a standalone website for my older artworks eventually.


  • Updated [Gallery] page’s layout.
    • Trying out buttons for [original] galleries for now since I didn’t like how long it looked with the over-sized buttons.
  • Updated [Offline] with updated information. I’m going to Ninja-con for sure~! <3


  • Discovered a way to bring back sidebars!
  • I also fixed my blog’s single post page style sidebar as well.
    • Next goal is to add a border to separate the sidebar from the content.
    • Otherwise.. I’m pleased with the outcome!
  • Updated ALA 2015 Artist Alley Report with photos.


  • Fixed right margin layout width.
  • Removed [circle & links] tab on the homepage because it was redundant.
  • Reorganized the gallery structure again.
  • Removed separate fanart and original pages. The accordion page format sure is handy~


  • Added ALA 2015 Artist Alley Report.
  • I also changed the layout after several years~
  • I’m still trying to get the layout to cooperate, though. Should it remain stubborn… I might revert back to my previous and heavily-customized layout.
  • I should add that over time, I will adapt the content to fit with this new layout until I feel the desire to revert my website back to its original layout.


11/14/14 – Updated [About] page.

  • I added some statements and moved the image to the right. I should consider drawing a new illustration eventually.
  • Removed the additional links in this page. They were there to fill this page up… but it’s a rather poor filler.
  • On a side note, I tried trialing new WP themes in an attempt to renew this website’s appearance, but I found this heavily customized layout the best for my needs. I think I should just update or refresh the graphics to renew this website’s appearance instead.

10/16/14 – Updated fan art gallery organization!

  • I ended up merging the smaller galleries into a single page and implemented anchors to the sections in question. I felt that it’s easier to manage the gallery in this manner.
  • I don’t think I’ll be able to do the same with my original work due to how massive some galleries ended up.
  • Fixed a few tags so a few fan art artwork should appear in the appropriate section(s) now. Notably KH:LoH and Time_Less works now show up in Original > Everything.
  • I also removed a few interest links since I check those very, very sparingly nowadays.
  • Lately, I’m casually thinking of moving a sizable amount of my older chronological artwork into a subsidiary website so that I can have better control over it. This is still in the planning stage, however. It all boils down to how I will structure it, hosting, and degree of maintenance involved.
  • The current system isn’t terrible, but there are some restrictions, and I cannot backup the data (sans illustrations) because there are no external database backups I can retrieve said data from.

10/14/14 – Updated art galleries!

  • Commissions > 2014 > +2
  • Fanart > GUST > +2
  • Fanart > Gift > +2
  • Fanart > Miscellaneous > + 4
  • Original > Original Characters > +1
  • I’ve also posted my Touhou Con Artist Alley report up a while ago in my blog.
  • Next time, I might figure out how to reorganize my galleries again, haha.

08/29/14 â€“ Finished some reports!

07/31/14 â€“ Cosmetic update.

  • Rounded the website’s border.
  • Added padding to the contents within the boundary~
  • Moved [Link Valacielo] widget to the homepage.
  • .. I’ll try to finish the gallery pages soon.. maybe it was too ambitious to split it up like that. Actually.. I should have tried anchors instead.. yeah, I should do that!

02/06/14 – Small updates.

  • Updated Gallery > Fan Art > 2014 (5)
  • Updated Gallery > Fan Art’s description
  • Updated Gallery > Other Creations > 2014 (1)
  • Finished the listings in my media consumption blog post.
  • Added [Offline] page for events I plan to attend.

01/07/14 – Updated a few things like…

  • Fixed [link free] sidebar format.
  • Updated [About] page.
  • Moved major past update links to [About] page.
  • Updated Galleries > Fan Art & Other Creations
  • Added Galleries > Fan Art > year 2014
  • I will blog new entries in time!


11/16/13 â€“ Altered layout elements.

  • Removed blog drop-downs and relegated it strictly to my blog.
  • In consequence, a left sidebar for the blog was added with the omission of the right bar.
  • Changed how permalinks are formed so it’s more accessible.

10/05/13 – Removed Miscellaneous section.

  • Relocated Umineko Info.Coll to [Starry Letters].
  • Renamed [Bookmarks] to [Links] for menu organization. Rather, I’m unable to reorder them with this theme.
  • I might look into getting this website a new layout in the near future… maybe before the end of this year?

10/01/13 – Added some new artwork.

  • Gallery > Commissions > 2013 (2)
  • Gallery > Fanart > 2013 (1)
  • Gallery > Other Creations > 2013 (2; one forgotten)
  • Two new link banners. Take a look at [Bookmarks]!

08/25/13 – For the past few days.. I added new artwork.

  • Gallery > Commissions > 2013
  • Gallery > Fanart > 2013
  • It’s not made public, but AX Days 1 & 2 blog posts have some photos added a while ago. It’s not complete, but it’s something.

08/16/13 – Moved personal project materials to [etoileraine]!

  • Basically the entirety of [Time_Less] sans gallery, list of [Personal Projects], a horribly outdated page, and [Character Archive], as sparse as that section was.
  • Removed [Current Followings] from Misc as well.
  • I’ll update the galleries with new artwork soon!

08/10/13 – Moved Translated Lyrics to [etoilemarks]!

  • Accordingly removed menu link.
  • Added placeholder page at [Miscellaneous].
  • Hid all lyrics on this website here as well.
  • Removed [Character Archive] at [Misc].
  • I’m actually building a separate site for that!
  • I shall link it here sooner or later.

06/24/13 – It’s been a while! I added new artwork to the galleries.

  • Commissions > 2013 (3)
  • Fan Art > 2013 (5)
  • Finally added a [update archive] page lool.

05/12/13 – Added new artwork.

  • Fan Art > 2012 + 2013
  • Other Creations > 2012 + 2013

04/24/13 – Miscellaneous cosmetic updates.

  • I’ll try to set up a [update archive] soon.

04/23/13 – Finally established a homepage.

  • I moved my blog to its own tab.
  • Relocated my [webclap] image to the homepage.
  • Likewise, I replaced place where it used to be a link.