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✿ Welcome to Valacieloヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

This is Kari Avalon’s (asa+kari) art and blog website.

There isn’t much except for my extensive art gallery, but feel free to look around!

✿ Special thanks to Deji for hosting Valacielo!!



  • Added Ninja-con and Anime Expo 2015 reports! AX2015 is especially long, and I still think I’m missing details!
  • Updated and tidied [Offline Events].


  • New background tile again, haha.
  • Updated [offline] with AX table location.


  • Finally updated all of the galleries! They are now up to date.
  • Changed website background to a recolored tile image.
  • Next time, I shall focus on updating [Hortensia Moon] with older artwork.
  • I might consider writing a blog entry on my introductory experience on a unfamiliar medium…

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