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This is Kari Avalon’s (asa+kari) art and blog website.

There isn’t much except for my extensive art gallery, but feel free to look around!


  • 10/16/14 – Updated fan art gallery organization!
    • I ended up merging the smaller galleries into a single page and implemented anchors to the sections in question. I felt that it’s easier to manage the gallery in this manner.
    • I don’t think I’ll be able to do the same with my original work due to how massive some galleries ended up.
    • Fixed a few tags so a few fan art artwork should appear in the appropriate section(s) now. Notably KH:LoH and Time_Less works now show up in Original > Everything.
    • I also removed a few interest links since I check those very, very sparingly nowadays.
    • Lately, I’m casually thinking of moving a sizable amount of my older chronological artwork into a subsidiary website so that I can have better control over it. This is still in the planning stage, however. It all boils down to how I will structure it, hosting, and degree of maintenance involved.
    • The current system isn’t terrible, but there are some restrictions, and I cannot backup the data (sans illustrations) because there are no external database backups I can retrieve said data from.

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