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✿ Welcome to Valacieloヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

This is Kari Avalon’s (asa+kari) art and blog website.

There isn’t much except for my extensive art gallery, but feel free to look around!

✿ Special thanks to Deji for hosting Valacielo!!

✿ The current background is the MESYARIA’s forest I painted for ENDIA‘s lovely FCCB music entries.



  • Finally removed a number of older artworks from this site.
  • Removed several links from [Links].
  • I have established a art archive for a number of my older artworks called [Hortensia Moon]. I will properly link it in the near future.


  • Rewrote [Gallery] descriptions. They were terribly written so I was compelled to simplify it.
    • Next time, I’ll try to get the galleries up-to-date. However, this will likely be the start of my organization attempts, which includes the omission of older artworks. Many could still be viewed at my deviantART account, and I still intend to launch a standalone website for my older artworks eventually.


  • Updated [Gallery] page’s layout.
    • Trying out buttons for [original] galleries for now since I didn’t like how length it looked with the over-sized buttons.
  • Updated [Offline] with updated information. I’m going to Ninja-con for sure~! <3


  • Discovered a way to bring back sidebars!
  • I also fixed my blog’s single post page style sidebar as well.
    • Next goal is to add a border to separate the sidebar from the content.
    • Otherwise.. I’m pleased with the outcome!
  • Updated ALA 2015 Artist Alley Report with photos.


  • Fixed right margin layout width.
  • Removed [circle & links] tab in home page because it was redundant.
  • Reorganized the gallery structure again.
  • Removed separate fanart and original pages. The accordion page format sure is handy~


  • Added ALA 2015 Artist Alley Report.
  • I also changed the layout after several years~
  • I’m still trying to get the layout to cooperate, though. Should it remain stubborn.. I might revert back to my previous and heavily-customized layout.
  • I should add that over time, I will adapt the content to fit with this new layout until I feel the desire to revert my website back to its original layout.

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