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私の日本語はまだ下手です。今、日本語を勉強しています. ( ・∀・);

Welcome to my profile. Don’t mind my poor Japanese. I’m studying the language sparingly. (゚Д゚ );;

  • nicknames: Kari Avalon, asa+kari
  • gender: Female
  • birthday: December 30
  • digital tools: paint tool SAI, openCanvas ( < 2009 ), wacom graphire tablet (<2016), HUION 580 5×8” graphic tablet
  • traditional tools: paper, mechanical pencils, various pens, color pencils, acrylic, etc.
  • e-mail: kariavalon[@]gmail.com


  • 名前: Kari Avalon, asa+kari
  • : 女
  • 誕生日: 12月30日
  • デギタル: paint tool SAI, openCanvas, wacom graphire tablet, HUION 580 5×8” graphic tablet
  • アナログ: 紙, シャープペンシル, ink pens, color pencils, acrylic, etc.
  • メール: kariavalon[@]gmail.com

Hello! I am Kari Avalon, a freelance illustration artist with a emphasis on a anime/manga style.

I occasionally signed my work under [asa+kari] for a couple of years, and lately credited as such for ARM Circle activities. Apart from that, this name hasn’t caught on, so nowadays, I still work as [Kari Avalon].

This website hosts a fairly comprehensive gallery of my artwork, infrequently updated blog, and a list of offline events.

** I remain grateful and thankful to my dear friend Deji for hosting this website. Thank you so much!

Lately, a great deal of my blogging activity has been relegated to my tumblr and twitter, but my convention reports remain here.



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