This website hosts a gallery of my artwork, an infrequently updated blog, and a catalog of offline events.

** I remain grateful to my dear friend Deji for hosting this website. Thank you so much!

For a long time, a great deal of my blogging and updates has been relegated to my tumblr and twitter, but my convention reports remain here.


  • aliases: Kari Avalon, asa+kari
  • birthday: December 30
  • digital tools and software:
    • software: clip studio paint (present), paint tool SAI (<2016), openCanvas (< 2009)
    • tools: artisul D13 tablet display (2016~present), HUION 580 5×8” graphics tablet (2016), wacom graphire 4×6″ graphics tablet (2005~2016)
  • traditional tools:
    • ink, color pencils, acrylic paints, watercolor paints, etc.
  • e-mail: kariavalon[@]gmail.com

Hello! I am Kari Avalon, a freelance illustrator with an anime/manga style.

I occasionally signed my work under [asa+kari] for a couple of years, and have been credited as such for ARM Circle activities. Apart from that, this name hasn’t caught on fully, so I still identify as “Kari Avalon.”

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