2017 Artist Alley Reflections

After last year’s final-con-of-the-year for me, I neglected to write any reports at all. I’ve been pretty satisfied with occasionally updating them on twitter, but they’re mostly most brief snapshots of the moment. And so, I shall now begin my hopefully brief run-down of the events I participated.

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Anime California 2016 Artist Alley Post

I think I have a pretty good reason as to why I’ve never set up a report for this convention, and for events following that. To begin with, the overall performance of this convention was very lackluster, and the biggest reasons being the relocation to a much-too-luxurious venue and for not having a very impressive lineup. I have no disrespect for the guests that agreed to partake in the event, but it was telling that it wasn’t the most spectacular even with the impressive venue in tow…

Without further ado, here is a brief report below the cut.

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