Anime California 2014 Artist Alley Report

My third convention of the year!

Anime California is a first-year convention and while I do not know how well it did, I had a fairly good time at their artist alley.

I tabled with LeMishie under our circle Pastel Crown. ^^

Day 3 table set up! Censored our faces again with our avatars, haha. I’m to the right this time.

 [ Particulars ]

This was based on the given data. Our table in the end was placed at A-D12.

Anime California is a 1st year anime convention took place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at Garden Grove, CA. It was basically a few minutes away from Disneyland. Validated parking was provided and was a incredibly nice gesture since the hotel parking itself was very pricey. Validated parking costs $8 compared to the $20+ for hotel parking per day.

As I mentioned earlier, I tabled with LeMishie under our circle as Pastel Crown! We were once assigned A-D 10, but we ended up with A-D 12, a corner table.

My brother was my helper, and Yang was a artist alley staff member.

[ Day 1: Friday ]

To be honest.. there isn’t much to report. The major difference is that I drove everyone this time, and drove them all back. Another difference was that we generally arrived minutes before the hall opened to attendees, which was a nice break from being fabulously late, haha. Lastly, I took us to make some last minute prints mostly because I forgot to print a few things, and LeMishie had to print one of her newer works as well.

Upon arrival, we were led to a vacant table two spaces away from where we were assigned. Amusing enough, we ended up with a corner table again, haha. Due to the abundant variety (relatively speaking) of posters I had, I volunteered to take up the corner again.

We also skipped spreading out the table cover as there was one provided after all, which was very kind of the convention considering they informed artists via e-mail that there wasn’t going to be any provided.

The setup went up fairly quickly.

If I recall.. I spent most of the time behind the table. For at least 1/2 the time, I was preoccupied with cutting new business cards and other print items, notably my new and replenished Atelier series’ bookmarks. o3o

Oh! A highlight of the day was that a tumblr user (who read my event announcement) visited my table and bought a Logy bookmark. That’s really neat. xD Thank you!

[ Day 2: Saturday ]

This was a more productive day~

I drove all of us again, and we generally made it on time.

Silly enough, I didn’t recognize my former table partner when she visited our table not too long after the hall opened LOL. I had a vague feeling I knew this person, but I kept the thought to myself ahaha, orz. Maybe I should have tried asking myself. xD In the end, we were able to greet each other, signed the posters she bought from me (gosh you’re nice!!) and she gifted us with some cute pins she made~ *A*

I received and worked on a few commissions, and mostly stayed behind the table. I took periodic breaks and time to wander around the hall, though.

LeMishie and I did take a short leave during midday to attend a RWBY Lore panel, though. The panel room was a lot smaller than I imagined, and somehow managed to house more attendees than I thought was safe, but I digress. The panel was pretty fun and interesting, but it was a lot of stuff we’ve already gotten to know so we left halfway and returned to our table.

Yang visited our table by around 4P.M. and had bought us lots of subway sandwiches~ Many thanks!!

Oh! Another kindness the convention extended to us artists was making a food run during supper. Cup noodles and beverages of choice.

Cup noodles and drinks!

Since LeMishie and Yang decided to stay overnight, only my brother and I drove back from the con.

[ Day 3: Sunday ]

On the morning of day 3, I went to my usual print shop and reprinted a few of LeMishie’s and my prints, haha. And right after I was able to get the job done, I drove straight to the convention. I arrived by 11:05A.M., promptly walked to the hall to set up our table, and waited for LeMishie to arrive.

Overall.. the day was slow and easygoing. I worked on several commissions (back to back, too) that made time pass by quickly.

There were a few people who wandered around the hall several times to deliberate on last minute purchases, though. One of customers was a Sound Horizon fan!! *A* She even went to the ATM and bought my prints of Hortense and Violette acrylic paintings ahh~~

I also made it a point to run around a bit to make some  trades.

Here’s a (pretty bad) photo of some of my gifts and trades~~ the RWBY stickers were by LeMishie. <33

The alpaca pin (wow, there’s such a bad glare in the photo) was from Cindy (my former table partner at AM^2). <333


[ Conclusion ]

I generally had a good time at this convention, and was in general a breather compared to the energetic AX con. I somehow made (sort of) friends with some artists, which was a rarity since I mostly keep to myself, haha.

In closing, I’m likely to attend again, if only to continue experiencing artist alleys and meet up with friends again. <3


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