AX 2013 Loot

Ahaha oops.. this is nearly two months late LOL.

Compared to my previous loot report.. I have more pictures to share. Granted, 75% are just free things from company booths, but they’re still something. XD


Anyway.. I did what I could to save money so I didn’t buy much from artist alley or the exhibition hall loool. I bought Finni’s artbook (pictured below), Shingeki no Kyoujin bookmarks by kurot, and saluted in front of KL’s table to initiate the bonus SnK purikura sticker gift ahaha.


I was also given the option to choose two mini-prints! o: And given a charm as a bonus!


Oh yeah, the Okami pin was a spare from my brother loool. He purchased a bunch of SnK emblem pins and since it was cheaper to buy a number, I was given the option to choose one. I hardly use or apply pins sadly nowadays haha.

Here’s a few random company booth stuff. And some other advertisements from nearby booths. I have a feeling I’ll keep only a margin of these and giveaway the rest.


Because I couldn’t be bothered to tediously post my photos directly into the post.. here are photos. It would be great if wordpress works on a updated application for inserting multiple photos.

Other notable purchases includes:

  • New paintbrushes. I was unbelievably happy that I could purchase inexpensive and decent-quality brushes!! Especially the super tiny ones! I can look forward to more refined details and linework in future paintings. ;A;
  • Also got tiny canvases. I might turn them into gift paintings for friends haha.
  • Not a purchase.. but the three markers were a gift for having tested out their Plume markers. They’re pretty nice! It’s too bad I wasn’t able to invest in any (mostly because I’ve already spent quite a lot for painting instead…). I believe I shared my drawing at Day 2’s report.

Other loot (in no order):

  • Posters.. and more posters.
  • Door hangers.
  • Fans~ I like the Little Witch Academia one.
  • Random free doujinshi prize. I tried looking up the artist.. but their website has disappeared. I’m not even sure if it’s a doujinshi for a series than it is a original. It’s quite nice to marvel at it though.. it’s quite elegant haha.
  • More ads and clearfiles for a smartphone otome game series loool.
  • SnK flier given to audience of the SnK panel~ My sole proof that I visited the panel ~ *A*

That’s all for now! Until next time. C:

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