Report: AM^2 Artist Alley 2012

Ahaha oh my.. it’s only after a little two months since the event that I get around to writing my report about my first artist alley experience at AM^2 at Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA. To those who were looking forward to my report.. I’m sorry for the wait!

Despite its tardiness.. I believe my report’s still.. kind of incomplete? I did my best to fill in the blanks but, I feel that I can elaborate more in the actual report. Therefore, I might edit this in the near future. I’ll update this space if there’s new updates.

Anyway, I decided to split the report into sections so it’ll be easier for me to describe the kind of things I went through prior to the convention, during, and what I did afterward (which also acts as a closing as well, I suppose).

Below is a image of my table (taken on day 3)! I shared the table with flamefairy! She’s really nice and such an awesome table partner. Thank you so much for being so accommodating to someone like me. ;A;

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