Anime California 2014 Artist Alley Report

My third convention of the year!

Anime California is a first-year convention and while I do not know how well it did, I had a fairly good time at their artist alley.

I tabled with LeMishie under our circle Pastel Crown. ^^

Day 3 table set up! Censored our faces again with our avatars, haha. I’m to the right this time.

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Anime Expo 2014 Artist Alley Report

Anime Expo Day 4 set up taken by LeMishie. This was the only photo of our table because I forgot to take one myself. I’m at the left of this picture, by the way. By the way, the sides of our table was cut off, but our other reports’ table photos are generally similar to this set up.

Hello! Over a month ago, I attended another anime convention’s artist alley after Ninja-con.

Participating in anime expo’s artist alley seemed like a pipe dream a few years ago, but last year I made up my mind and paid for the table for 2014.

Despite the myriad of issues that cropped up during registration (it left a really bitter taste), I generally had a enjoyable first time at Anime Expo’s artist alley. Like the previous convention, I tabled with Le Mishie! Since we tabled together, we signed our studio name as Pastel Crown.

As a warning, I may update and/or correct this report at any time. I finished writing up this report well over a month since the event, so I may have forgotten or even disorganized some details. Furthermore, I’m sorely lacking in additional pictures that would further add depth to my report. In the mean time, however, I can only share my experience nearly entirely in text form.

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Ninja-con 2014 Artist Alley Report

Hi!! It’s that time of year and this time, I took the preemptive to make plans to participate in several artist alleys this year.

Ninja-con happens to be my first convention this year, and I shared my table with the lovely Le Mishie! This was her first artist alley, and I’m pleased to hear that she had a great time. If you’re interested, feel free to read her perspective!

We also established a circle website called Pastel Crown. This website makes it easier to publicize ourselves without struggling to choose whose website to apply to the application among other matters, haha.

Without further ado, I would like to begin briefly describing my experience at Ninja-con.

Our table [#20]! Pictured is the lovely LeMishie! I was the photographer here.

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